Health & Safety

The Health and safety policy & Commitment of CMC Management

CMC Management aims at achieving a high level of H&S performance, which will realize an “Incident and Injury Free Project” performance in accordance with the H&S goals and objectives of CMC and ETYFA


People at all levels in the project organization are responsible for leading and engaging the workforce in meeting the project’s H&S goals and objectives.

The Project Management Team will provide strong visible leadership and continuously demonstrate commitment to develop, operate and maintain, review and continually improve a project culture which empowers individuals to take responsibility for their safety and embrace and accept nothing but responsible H&S behaviour.


CMC Management will ensure that all concerned parties (including sub-contractors and vendors) are provided with a copy of the H&S policy statement, the Project H&S Plan and the H&S Plans of the individual relevant Sections of Work. The H&S policy shall be discussed intermittently through Toolbox Talks with the workers in their working language as applicable.


All project activities will comply with CMC’s H&S Policy and commitment as shown below, underlining our objectives, commitments, and targets towards H&S Management highlights that CMC is focused on a ‘Zero Accident Philosophy’, based on our assertion that every accident, and therefore every injury is preventable. Through this way of thinking we are committed and thus strive to perform all our operations with zero accidents, injuries, accidental emissions to the environment and occupational illnesses.

CMC’s Zero Accident Philosophy is in line with the requirements of the Owner as per Article 43 of the EPCOM Contract.


The H&S Policy of CMC for the Cyprus LNG Import Terminal Project, endorsed by the Board of Directors, and signed by the Contractor’s Representative is applicable to all operations and activities and is copied below:


  • Compliance with all relevant local regulations, codes of practice and legislative requirements.
  • Understanding and managing interrelated processes to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the HSMS through the Plan, Do, Check, Act process.
  • Ensuring that the human and material resources required for the HSMS are available. 
  • Providing and maintaining for our employees, as far as is reasonably practicable, working conditions free from hazards, ensuring that our employees, and others who may be involved in our activities, are not exposed to unnecessary risk.
  • Ensuring and continually improving the safety expertise of our employees, providing training instructions and supervision where appropriate. 
  • Monitoring and assessing our HSMS against agreed key performance indicators to ensure continuous improvement and prevent the recurrence of any inconsistencies.
  • Promoting the H&S culture throughout our operations, as well as throughout the operations of our subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Discussing H&S issues at the highest levels of our Company and consulting and communicating, where appropriate, with our employees on all such issues. 
  • We are focused on a “ZERO accident philosophy” and on a risk management approach throughout our operations. 


The Senior Management Team of CMC takes accountability for the effectiveness of the HSMS and all members of staff and personnel are informed of their responsibilities towards implementation of this Policy to ensure that H&S issues are given priority during the execution of construction and other works. 


Yang Guang

Contractor’s Representative – Project Director 

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